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rofl XD

haha good job dude - I'm sure mindchamber will be proud :P


Hulalaoo responds:

Mindchamber should stop of do that

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this is chronamut again.. I realized that the song just sounds similar to "pretty green eyes" and is actually "hanging on" from the demo of fl studio 6..

ah well still cool :P



(this is chronamut.. I just wanted to review this song again hahaha...)

unfortunately im listening to this song at my school and compared to my computer the sound card is CRAP - this song is allright.. I see you used something other than strings to begin this :P

you should try some more of the more celestial pads.. something richer to start out :P

and nice use of wind mate! I see little things here and there that I like and little things here and there where if it was up to me I'd embellish a bit more :P Like I think an oboe would have suited that tune on the right more.. or maybe your tune couples with an oboe - layering is always good :)

also you said you use cubase a lot - does that mean you have real instruments? I dont have real instrument - i'm poor. :( - I have fl6XXL as well and I used to have cubase but I really had no use for it so I got rid of it.. I suppose I could always get it again.. from what I've heard of ppls stuff from cubase it has pretty good build-in mastering..

this song is allright.. don't like it as much as the other ones.. might just be this soundcard tho - there is literally no bass on this soundcard - it sucks >:(

you should also try and branch out a bit more - aside from slow progression - push the boundaries :P



thankfully i wasnt disappointed - with the minor problem of some dissyncing Id say this is a pretty cool song - kudos to you!


blackmantis1 responds:

Thanks hahahaha. This ones a helluvalot better than the old one i did

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